Grade 3 – Social Studies – Famous places

Grade 3 – Social Studies – Famous places

Identify the famous places in the images! Great exercise as an addition to Social Studies for Grades 1-4.

Featuring locations such as Taj Mahal, The Leaning Tower of Piza, The Great Wall of China, Eiffel Towel, Niagara Falls, Angkor Wat, The Monument Valley, Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil, Stone Hedge and more…

Lesson idea – Identify and learn famous places around the world!

STEP 1: First, go to and search for keyword “wonder”.
STEP 2: Click on the images and learn the names of the places and countries they are located in.


It’s not often that we get to travel around the world and see its wonders – but with this exercise, you can feel like you’ve been there. Natural and human-made structures are impressive and inspiring, so your class will be fun and engaging. Expand your Social Studies activity to include the photos of the locations.

Name the place in the image and think more about where it is, what kind of people live there, how was it created. Use your imagination and learn the amazing locations from around the world.

Do you know all 7 Wonders of the World? Try to find them in the images!

Perfect for a child of any age to enjoy with teachers or parents.

Expand your search, or upload your own photos to create the most fun lesson! Visit for our free to use images. Visit to upload your own.


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