Grade 3 – What animal is this?

Grade 3 – What animal is this?

Here is a fun exercise idea – identify the cute animal in the photo! Great photos of foxes, squirrels, horses, toucans, pigs, monkeys and more! Kids usually love the fun slideshows and will scream out the names of their favorite animals!

Lesson prep:
Step 1: Go to and search for keyword “animals”.
Step 2: Click Play Slideshow and the slideshow will start full screen. You can pause, rewind and go full screen with it too!

Identify animals in the pictures:

Call out the names of the animals you see. Think about where the animal may live and what they are doing. Have fun!


That wasn’t very hard, but some animals are not seen too often. Learn more about the animals, identify kinds of birds and imagine the daily routine they may have.

This exercise may encourage adoration for the animals and spark an interest in nature. Perfect for parents and teachers of pre-school, first or second grade children. But you are never too old to have fun and see beautiful photos!

Our library of public domain photos is free for re-use in any circumstance, so share as much as possible and engage other teachers. The topics for such fun exercises are endless with over 5 million images! Visit and get started!

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