Grade 2 – Language – Identify Musical Instruments

Grade 2 – Language – Identify Musical Instruments

Identify the musical instruments played in the images!

Lesson idea – Learn the names of the instruments!

STEP 1: First, go to and search for the keyword “musical instruments”.
STEP 2: Click on the images and learn the names of the instruments.

iPhone app with musical instruments
View images of musical instruments. Name the instrument.


Recognize and name the instrument!

It’s extra fun to learn the musical instruments when cats are the musicians! Cute and playful, they appeal to any child and instill a curiosity for music and love for animals. Ask your student what instruments they like the most and which they’d like to try playing.

Search further, and you’ll find more photos of cats and people playing various instruments. Some feature ancient and foreign instruments that may be hard to identify, but we’ve selected the few here that are obvious.

What sounds do those instruments make? Have the student sing out the songs that use the instruments. Have fun and enjoy the cuteness.

Perfect for pre-school, 1st and 2nd Grade students. Use this exercise as a fun activity for parent/child bonding.

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