Another way to improve teacher’s blogs

Another way to improve teacher’s blogs

We at Getarchive are experimenting with different ways of increasing the visual richness of educational materials: Please have a look at how you can easily embed large public domain collections into your blogs and web pages.

You probably know that we created the largest online repository of public domain images: Picryl and working on another app that will give teachers tools to create online media-rich lessons. Today we created another fun collection: the advent of aviation in Washington DC. It was one of the most exciting things happened in 1920-1930 in District of Columbia.

Coolidge inspecting one of world flight planes
Aircraft at U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C.
Aircraft, Washington, D.C., 1920

All images and videos on Picryl are in public domain, it is safe to use them in class and online! This aviation collection, as well as all Picryl collections, can be also easily embedded into your page or blog. Just cut and paste the code below:

1. Paste this first piece of code where you want the collection to appear.

<div id=”picryl-widget” data-picryl-key=”9d80cc9d-fc3b-47ef-8724-67f3e805c3da” data-picryl-source-id=”aviators-airplanes-washington-dc” ></div>

2. Find HTML tag < /body> (somewhere close to the bottom of your page) and insert this second piece code right above it.

<script async defer src="//"></script>

That is just what we did here: Click here to see it in full.


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